How to sell your fairly-used RV.


Despite all the very hard research and investigation you had to do before buying your RV, you might still find yourself thinking of selling it off later-on, perhaps to get yourself an upgrade or just for the cash due to some unforeseen circumstances or you just don’t need the RV anymore. And yet, knowing how to sell your RV without taking a huge hit on the original value can seem much harder than the research you did before buying it, well, you are right to be worried to some extend and you need to proceed with caution and the awareness that you might loose about 10 to 20 percent of your purchase price.

But don’t panic, because you are not alone, there are many people like you looking to sell, and there are many people looking to buy an older RV in good condition at a bargain. The trick is to find them and negotiate for as much money as you can get.

Here are some helpful tips to help you with your goal:

Local ideal buyer: One of the best places to start looking for possible interested buyers is within your local or familiar RV-ing circle. You can spread the word to friends that you go RV-ing with or perhaps you can have a sign on your RV the next time you drive to a local RV event, to let people know you are interested in selling your RV. You might attract interested first time buyers who are at the event to gain some RV inside knowledge before buying, the bonus to them is the convenience of buying an RV locally from someone that is perhaps well known to attend the event, which could simply be a matter of quick cash for keys exchange and happy smiles.

RV dealers: Contacting a well-known RV dealer in your city might be the next best option, that is, if you are only looking to upgrade your RV and not just selling it for the cash. The reason this might be a good option is because RV dealers properly have a lot of clients like you that contact them for upgrades. So, you are not alone, and they can help you get a good selling price in return for you buying your upgraded RV from them.

Check online: You can try using a lot of the available RV appraisal resources online to help you get an idea of what your RV would be worth and then you can post for sale ads on free and premium auto selling websites, to attract a lot of interested possible buyers from around the country. If an upgrade is what you are after, you can search some of those sites for the RV you are interested in, and perhaps contact the seller of that RV for a possible exchange with some extra cash, who knows you might get lucky, and you lose nothing by asking. You can easily add a note on your for-sale ad page that you might be interested in an exchange with some one with the model of RV you want. His method might help you get your decided RV for cheaper if you don’t mind a used RV too.

Regardless of how you decide to sell your RV, remember that you can add value to your RV by making sure everything like – Heating and AC, power mirrors, GPS and of cause batteries and engine function properly and you can do a bit of cleaning, washing, painting and minor fixes to make it seem well maintained and more attractive to the possible buyer.

I wish you the best of luck on your RV sale.

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