How to save up on your car insurance


Ok so you have wanted a to buy yourself a new car for some time now and finally you have the cash and you just got yourself that car you like and research so much about, well congrats on your new car.

Now let talk about your insurance. Yes, I know Sorry, but the spending is not over yet, only the beginning. However, I hope to give you useful tips on how you can get the best car insurance deal and save a lot more on your spending.

Here are some of those tips:

Reduce your millage: Believe it or not, some car insurance companies track how many miles you drive each month, so the less you drive the cheaper you pay. Make sure you ask your desired insurer if this could save you money on your policy.
Only get what you need: If you are not careful, you could be paying for some extras car insurance addons you never asked for or even aware off, so make sure to read your policy very well and make sure you are only paying for what you need and not what your car insurance company decided you need.

Combine your insurance policies: Having one insurance company handle all your insurance policies could save you a lot more money and hassle than if you have different insurance companies for your car, home and other assets. So, ask your insurance company for a discount to bring all your other insurance policies to them. Also, find out if you can include some of your family members in your car insurance policy, so that they are covered too when they drive your car. Am sure the insurance company wants your business, so, they won’t mind giving you a discounted car insurance deal.
Keep searching for better deals: Most people think that it ok to stop searching for better insurance policies, just because they already have one, well I think it never too late to get a discount, even if you can’t or don’t want to move from your current insurer, you can still use your knowledge of a better deal with a different insurer to ask them for a discount on your current car insurance with them.
Keep your driving record clean: It is very important to drive safely and prevent getting points on your driving licence, because this could make your car insurance premiums go up, since you could be seen as a reckless driver that is more likely to be involved in an accident and make a serious car insurance claim.
Don’t make minor claims: Making minor car insurance claims would prevent you from getting points on your no claim bonus and other discounts that might be offered by your car insurance company. So when you have something easily fixable by you or a friend, just fix It that way.
Even after finding what seems to be the best car insurance deal for you, it would still in your best interest to keep asking for discounts and how you can save more with them.

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