How to buy a car with a bad credit.


Ok so you just got a new job, or you are starting university or for whatever the reason you need to start driving and you need a car, but you really don’t have money or good credit to get car loan, so bank loan and car financing at your local car dealership is out of the window.

Hmm what to do what to do. Oh, I know…let me try giving you some ideas of what you can try.

So here we go:

Borrow from family or close friends with an interest rate: Well, I know it can be hard for some of us to turn to our family or friends for money, due to self-respect, so why not approach it like a business, you ask if anyone is willing to lend you the money you need, and you pay them back on a monthly instalment with interest. So, you don’t feel like you are asking for a hand out.

Ask for an advance from your boss: Well believe or not, some bosses can be really understanding, especially if you are a good worker and he/she knows you really need the car, this can only improve your productivity when you turn up to work on time and not stressed by public transport. So, if you have a nice understanding boss, well it will cost you nothing to try.

Pawnshop: This is a bit out of the box, but if you have some valuable things you are currently not using or that you do without for some time, then, taking it to a pawn shop with a buy back policy might be a quick fix. You can just go buy back your item when you have the cash, also some pawn shops would lend you money against your items. So, if they offer you a good enough deal then perhaps you should take it.

Am sure there are other out of the box ideas to help generate the cash you need to buy yourself a car, but there are also some really bad ones I won’t recommend e.g. bad credit loans…this is really a bad Idea that could get you into trouble fast with their ridiculously high interest rates, so please don’t be tempted.

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