vehicle insurance plans for students.


It is true that students are more than likely to pay the most for their vehicle insurance plan than anyone else. But luckily there are smart ways to save up on student auto insurance, if done correctly.

Here are some tips on how students can get cheaper auto insurance policies.

Be covered under parent’s vehicle insurance: The simplest way to save up on auto insurance as a student is to ask your parents to add you on to their insurance policy, if you are lucky and your parents agree, then this would help you save a lot of money as a student, especially if you are on a budget and you need to save up for other important things like clubbing and shopping or food and books. Your choice.
Get a safety driver certification: One of the best ways to learn more about driving safer on the road and get a discount from your insurance company is to look for a driver safety class around where you live and get certified, the classes are usually taught by ex-highway patrol officers, so they are really experienced and can teach you how to drive safer in different weather conditions and other circumstances. After getting certified, all you need to do is call up your desired vehicle insurance company and ask for a discount. Most insurance companies would offer you around a 10 percent discount, so if your preferred vehicle insurer won’t give you a discount, shop around for a different insurer or better yet ask around before going for the test, so you know for sure that you will be getting a discount after taking the safety driver class.
Get a modest cheaper to insure vehicle: It is easy to want to get carried away as a student by wanting to buy a flashy car to impress friends or someone you are attracted to, but trust me, unless you or your parents are rich (in which case why are you looking for an insurance discount? Go buy a G-waggon!) don’t do it, because you might end up asking your friends for food money while driving a posh car, which makes no sense. Instead, look for a practical and cheaper to insure car like a 5 years old used Toyota Corolla or something similar, that you can buy out right with out vehicle finance, this would give you more control over the vehicle insurance plan you can buy. If you don’t drive much and you are a careful driver, then perhaps you should consider getting just a cheap liability cover and call it a day.

Regardless of what method you choose to help you save up on your vehicle insurance policy, just remember that not all insurance companies are created equal, so, do your due diligence by shopping around for the best suited auto insurer, remember to ask a lot of questions and read a lot of online reviews, perhaps in some online student chat rooms(forums). I’m sure other students have been where you are now and might be able to give you some additional tips on some dos and don’ts from their own personal vehicle insurance experience.

Good luck and don’t drink and drive.

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