All you need to know about caravan insurance policies.


Your caravan should also be insured perhaps even more so than any other type of vehicle because you will be living in the caravan while on holiday and you will have a lot of your valuable assets like laptops and phones and of cause you might even have your family with you, so, actually insuring your caravan should be more important to you to keep you and your loved ones protected while on holiday having fun.

To help you figure out the right type of caravan insurance is best suited to your needs, here are the 3 types of caravan insurance you can go for:

Touring cover: this caravan insurance policy covers caravans that are on the road traveling long distances including caravans towed by another vehicle. The covers can include theft of the caravan, accidental damage, and flood or stop damage.

Static cover: this caravan insurance covers caravans that are parked in fixed locations like caravan parks for long periods of time, the insurance may cover personal positions and damages to the caravan.

Trailer tent cover: trailer tent campers are usually less secure compared to caravans, so, get the right insurance that would protect you both on the road. Static would be of great benefit to you, in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Tips on how to get the best caravan insurance policy.

Check to make sure the insurance company you are interested in is reputable and trusted, by reading a lot of reviews from previous or current customers online, to make sure you are not buying from a fake company that might want to scam you.
You should consider the weight and size of your caravan when searching for the right insurance policy and make sure your insurer of choice would insure your caravan, because it is common for some insurance companies to only insure caravans of certain size and weight.
If you intend to stay in one place for your entire caravanning holiday, then you should consider getting a static caravan insurance policy and make sure to ask if your gargets and the belongings you are taking with you in the caravan would be protected too.
Take some time to consider the compulsory and voluntary excess…the money you agreed to with the insurance company in the event of a claim, to make sure it’s a sum you are comfortable paying if you need to.
Tips on how to improve your chances of getting a lower caravan insurance premium.

A clean claims record would go a long way to convince your interested caravan insurance company that you are a responsible driver and a low insurance risk.
Installing a few caravan security measures like alarm, GPS tracker, wheel clamp and so on, would help convince your chosen insurance company to give you a good caravan insurance deal, due to all your efforts to secure your vehicle from theft and damages.
It can be very easy to simply over-look the need for a caravan insurance, perhaps you are thinking, that’s more money to spend on the actual holiday, but that could become a very costly mistake, that would see you spend a lot more in damages or property loose if not careful. So, I would advise you to spend a little now just to be on the safe than sorry side.

Have a zen caravanning holiday and good luck.

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