How can i choose the best car rental agency?

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Regardless of where you are in the world, using a high-quality car rental company is of great importance because the deals they offer can determine if you will have a good or bad experience.

Locating the right car rental company doesn’t have to be a hard process, here is a list of useful tips on how to choose and hire the best car rental agency that would be of great benefit and ensure you get the best rental deals and experience for whatever your needs are:

Transparent pricing: making sure your desired car rental company has a very simple to understand and straight forward pricing plans with no hidden unexpected charges which can come in form of baby seat fees, insurance waivers, extra insurance or pick up from a preferred location. So, ask a lot of this questions before signing on the dotted lines, if you don’t want to find out later how big a mistake you have made. Because while there are a lot of honest car hire agencies out there, there are a lot of untrustworthy once who hide behind flashy adverts with dishonest too good to be true claims just to get you to sign up. So, don’t be attracted by the boldly printed lies, instead take your time to read the agreement and the small print if you can…because I know that is a very hard thing to do when you are so excited or perhaps in a hurry. In that case ask a lot of questions and watch out for the car rental company agent’s body language and replies, if he or she is always looking to deflect your questions by changing the subject and being evasive of the real question, then perhaps you should look else where if you know what’s good for you.

Modern vehicles: this is not about simply getting a new looking car, it is also for your own safety on the road and not having to pay for a very old broken down unreliable car, when you could be driving a car that would make all your journeys much more pleasurable and worry free. However, if you must go for an older car due to the cheaper cost of the car rental plan, then you should make sure to ask your desired car rental company if they will offer you a breakdown cover, insurance and perhaps road side assistance as part of your deal, and if not, ask if it available as an addon extra you can pay for and find out how much so you have a full picture and understanding of what you are getting into before you sign up.

24-hour Customer service: a very responsive and helpful customer service is a very important aspect to consider when choosing your car hire company, this is because a very good car rental company would care about their customers and would want to make sure to be ready to provide helpful assistance to their customers when they need it. This assistance could come in the form of a road side breakdown, car theft, accident on the road and so on. Be suspicious of so called best care car rental companies with no reliable customer service when you need them the most. So, make sure to go online and read many other people’s ratings and reviews of their car rental experience with your desired car rental agency before finalising a deal with them.

When in doubt, ask more questions, read more reviews and compare with other companies and hopefully you will get the best deal to suit your need. Good luck.

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