How to check what you are covered for in your car rental plan.

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One of the best things you can do during a vacation is hiring a car, because it is stress free, cost effective, and you have the freedom to travel when and where you like as well. However, when you want to make your choice on car rental, make sure to include the following in your contract:

*24/7 breakdown cover is one item you must have in your car rental package, because if you run into any trouble as a result of mechanical failure, or accident, this will save you a lot of stress. Hopefully this doesn’t happen throughout your stay of course, but it is best to have your mind at peace and know you’re covered should an emergency arise. Ask your car rental agency how this works, how and in what areas assistance will be rendered, also ask how long it’ll take for help to come if you run into an unfortunate emergency.

**In addition to breakdown cover, be sure to find out if your vehicle is fully insured, if it isn’t, make sure you rent a car that is fully insured in case of an accident. Although you might be a confident driver, accidents can still occur when driving in a foreign country which might not generally be your fault as there is no guarantee of being on the road with careful drivers. The best you can hope for is an all-inclusive insurance policy. Make sure that damages like flat tyres, chips, broken headlights and glasses are all covered by the car rental insurance policy. Also make sure to check if they are protected against theft, which usually occur in almost every country in the world.

***Another detail you can easily miss when renting a car is knowing whether there are hidden charges like tax that will come up after you have been given your initial quote. Notwithstanding the fact that a normal package price may be fascinating, the overall cost might go up if a local tax of about 20 to 30% is enforced. So, make sure you read through your offer carefully to make sure that everything is included in your overall total, so you won’t get any surprises later.

****You should also check for unlimited mileage on the vehicle, this is very important if you’re one to travel far for exciting planned excursions. Though, some car rental companies will offer you low prices, this usually comes with sneaky caps on the number of miles you go, which will be charged at premium rate. So, make sure you read through your offer very well, so you can travel as far as you want.

*****On a final note, you should check if certain extras that are included in your package are useful for you. For example, if you’re on vacation with families or group of friends, the idea of having an additional driver might not be necessary, so, removing this package will safe extra cost.

A lot of companies offer free items such as GPS devices or baby car seat, if you need any of these, make sure to check if they’re included or at least available at a small extra cost.

To guarantee that you have a great vacation, checking that you have comprehensive insurance, tax, breakdown cover, GPS devices, baby seats and unlimited mileage in your car rental package will go a long way in ensuring your peace of mind when driving abroad.

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