Guide on the differences between campers, trailers and recreational vehicles for first time RV buyers.

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There are great ways to add the adventure of mobility into your life like the purchase of a mobile home. However, you should know more about the types of mobile vehicles available before you visit the RV dealers. There are different options like the pop-up, trailers, truck campers etc, and they each all have their strengths. This article is to find the best one for you.

*. The recreational vehicle: This are usually the largest with the most available option from any RV dealer, they are also known as motor homes, as they come with most amenities. Recreational vehicles can be very short or long as 45 feet depending on the brand and model you choose. This could also mean that they could also be very challenging to drive. Unlike the other options on this list, the recreational vehicle in some states requires special licensing for them to be operated. If you want luxury, recreational vehicles are the best. Most of them come with a bed, a cooking area, a bathroom, and a small living area. Larger models come with extra bed or bedrooms, living space with sofa and armchairs, full kitchen, a bathroom with tubs and showers. Other attributes like cabinets, kitchen island and flat screen TV’s might also be added. If what you want is the comfort of your home on the road, then recreational motor home is the best choice you can make.

**. The pop-up Camper: This is a mobile home that can be folded into small space. It is much smaller than the motor home and doesn’t take as much space or amenities. Modern pop-up usually come with a frame, a hard roof, a box, soft walls (which are made up of canvas or vinyl) and pull out bunk beds. Although when unfolded, a pop-up can be the same size as a motorhome, but they don’t have the same amenities. Very few models come with shower, and, special attachments can be bought to provide bathrooms. What a Pop-up camper lacks in amenities, it makes up for in price, they are less expensive than a motor home, and can be tower behind an SUV.

***. The truck camper: This camper is the smallest mobile home available in an RV dealership’s lot. They can fit inside the booth of a truck. They are made to provide the average necessities, like sleeping space, stove, sink, hotplate, and some of them have a bathroom. Most of the amenities are stuck up on each other for them to fit inside the available space. The advantage of the truck camper is that it allows you to travel anywhere a normal automobile would go. They are mostly used by folks on long term job sites.

****. The travel trailer: Also known as caravan, this is a small living space that is attached to a vehicle. Travel trailer can have some comforts of the home items like the motor home and pop-up camper-A bed, kitchen, living space and a bathroom. They are ways smaller than a motorhome, they are generally less than 18 feet long and don’t weight more than 700pounds. The smallest travel trailer can be pulled behind cars or even motorcycles.

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