Wedding transport options and rental payment charges.

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Due to how busy people are these days with work, day to day life and the hassle of organising transportation to the venue, gifts, apparel, etc, those that are invited and turn up for weddings are greatly appreciated and as such are treated like royals for their efforts and thoughtfulness.

However, the hassle of organising transportation could be reduced by the bride and groom to be if they simply arrange to hire an appropriate transportation for the day to pick up the guests from different designated locations like a car park or popular bus stop and returned after the ceremony is done.

Here are a few ideas to help with the ease of knowing how much you could pay to hire the right transportation for your needs:

Car: Well, I can’t start without the obvious option, however, cars would be on the expensive side, especially if you are planning a low budget wedding. This is due to the various charges that are usually added to car hires such as this. For example, driver charges per hour if needed, fuel charges, mileage cost depending on how many guests you need picking up and from how many locations and how many rounds of back and forth. Also, you might need more than one car for this to work, especially if there are many families to pick up. So, this is not an advised method unless it an extremely important VIP or money is not an issue for you and you want your guest to all arrive to the venue in style and private comfort.

Limo services: Just like car hire, this could be a very expensive way to go, however, unlike a car, a limo could carry a lot more people at once while still maintaining the style and comfort. Also, the fact that there are many limo services out there who cater to occasions just like a wedding, you might be able to get a package deal, which might greatly decrease your overall cost.

Hotel shuttle: This is a very practical option, for guest that are lodging in a pre- arranged hotel provided by you or organised by the guests. You could make a deal with the hotel for their shuttle to drop off and pick up the guests to and from the venue, especially if it nearby. I mean why else would you have your guests lodge in an hotel that is far away from your wedding venue? But then again, to each his own.

Bus: This is the most cost effective and practical way to pick up and transport all guests from different locations to the venue and back, especially if you are not worried about style and comfort at all, and you just want them there for your big day. Also, the advantage of using the bus is that…most of the friends and family guests would have met, introduced themselves perhaps for the first time and would most likely be in a party mood, ready to watch you walk down the aisle.

Good luck and have a wonderful wedding.

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